What is rib valgus?Help you get in good posture with a professional perspective

I have had rib valgus since I was a child, my photo pose is not good, and my lung capacity is poor because of shallow breathing. It was only after I learned the importance of breath. After studying, I wrote this article in the hope of helping people with the same confusion to live gracefully and healthily.

9 tips to lose fat-it’s simple and you’d love it

Fat loss is so difficult, exercise seems to help, which link went wrong? Here are 9 tips to lose fat. If you do all of them, you will definitely lose weight. 01 / Stay away from sugar and starch Your diet must be free of foods rich in refined sugars and starches, which will not…

Sugar, collagen and aging

 In this article I’d like to discuss glycosylation, collagen, and the relationship between them — accelerated aging. More ways foranti-sugar and anti-aging.

Intermittent fasting-Here is all that you want know

Intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight is being used by a lot of people. What is intermittent fasting? Diet, hunger strike and Intermittent fasting Diet Dieting, calorie restriction, was once considered the simplest and most effective way to lose weight. One of the most well-known theories is that cutting 500 calories a day, which…