2 types of Belly Breathing and the ways

Today we’re going to focus on belly breathing. belly breathing is defined as consciously letting the abdominal muscles contract and expand with the breat

【Recipe】low-carb energy refreshing breakfast

The most enjoyable part of every day is to enter the important things of the day with the most positive attitude: work, school, socializing, etc. So a nutritious breakfast is especially important. In this article I will share with you a delicious breakfast that I often eat

【Recipe】Halloween low-sugar pumpkin coco dessert

Pumpkin coconut dessert can be made a dozen at a time to share with friends and family during dinner or afternoon tea, even if it’s not Halloween. It is low in sugar, so people on a diet and diabetics can safely eat it. I hope you eat healthy!

【Recipe】Low-Sugar Whole Wheat Meal Bread

Whole grains are a very healthy source of carbohydrates. I’m going to share with you the recipe for a low sugar meal pack made with whole wheat bread. It’s delicious and healthy, and it’s the perfect companion for gaining muscle and losing fat

what does plank train?

Super Plank, whether it’s your favorite or not, but I’m sure you want to have a strong core and beautiful arm lines, 10 minutes of plank variation with two breaks in between is enough to blast your arms and shoulders, and let you reinvent yourself! Let’s challenge together!

Ways to Meditate—relaxing music for meditation

The purpose of meditation is to focus the mind, relax the mind, and ultimately achieve greater mastery of self awareness and deep inner peace. You may not know it, but you can meditate anywhere, anytime, no matter how noisy your surroundings are, and you can find your own peace and quiet. This article will introduce…

Intermittent fasting-Here is all that you want know

Intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight is being used by a lot of people. What is intermittent fasting? Diet, hunger strike and Intermittent fasting Diet Dieting, calorie restriction, was once considered the simplest and most effective way to lose weight. One of the most well-known theories is that cutting 500 calories a day, which…


我们都知道健身训练中念动一致非常关键,它除了可以让训练更加有效以外,还能避免受伤。 念动一致:肌肉的工作是受神经支配的,注意力集中就能“动员”更多的肌纤维参与工作。练某一动作时,就应有意识地使意念和动作一致起来,即练什么就想什么肌肉工作。例如:练立式弯举,就要低头用双眼注视自已的双臂,看肱二头肌在慢慢地收缩。 它是健身黄金法则中的一条,重要性可见一斑,重提一下法则浓缩版:大重量、低次数、多组数、长位移、慢速度、高密度、念动一致、顶峰收缩、持续紧张、组间放松、多练大肌群、训练后进食蛋白质、休息48小时和宁轻勿假。那么除了募集更多的肌纤维参与训练以外,它的另一层含义在于减少大脑的肌肉抑制信号。 肌肉抑制是为了保护身体的一种机制,但对于健身增肌来说,抑制作用却起了副作用。肌肉抑制对于增肌来说不是什么好事情,那如何让身体产生最小的抑制作用呢?对于肌肉抑制来说其实是身体发出的保护信号,防止我们在运动中过度牵拉肌肉受到伤害。 当人体一块骨骼肌收缩时,我们的中枢控制系统大脑会发出刺激肌纤维(组成肌肉组织的基本单位)收缩的信号,同时也会发出抑制信号来限制过度收缩,肌肉拉伸同理。防止过度收缩对我们造成伤害,但同样会限制刺激肌纤维的数量。 但我们知道,想要增肌就要将目标肌群训练到位,也就是说动用更多的肌纤维,让目标肌群获得良好的泵感。肌肉抑制信号刚好相反,它会限制刺激肌纤维的数量,这也就是告诉我们别想一组就把目标肌群训练到位! 训练效果的产生,部分原因为肌纤维更大更强壮了,部分是因为我们渐渐的教会了神经系统减少相关的抑制信号,运用肌肉进行更大的收缩或伸展。我们需要克服这种抑制作用,克服这种保护机制,当我们自己的锻炼意志越强烈,越专心的训练,集中精力锻炼相关肌群,我们就越能突破由大脑发出的抑制信号,我们的进步就越快。