What is rib valgus?Help you get in good posture with a professional perspective

I have had rib valgus since I was a child, my photo pose is not good, and my lung capacity is poor because of shallow breathing. It was only after I learned the importance of breath. After studying, I wrote this article in the hope of helping people with the same confusion to live gracefully and healthily.

2 types of Belly Breathing and the ways

Today we’re going to focus on belly breathing. belly breathing is defined as consciously letting the abdominal muscles contract and expand with the breat

9 tips to lose fat-it’s simple and you’d love it

Fat loss is so difficult, exercise seems to help, which link went wrong? Here are 9 tips to lose fat. If you do all of them, you will definitely lose weight. 01 / Stay away from sugar and starch Your diet must be free of foods rich in refined sugars and starches, which will not…

10 Chinese Foods That Are Perfect for a Fitness Meal

In Chinese culture, many foods can be taken as medicine to nourish the body and prevent disease. Similarly, in today’s article, I will list 10 natural foods that are unique to China and are high in nutrition. These foods can be added to your daily fitness plan as fitness meals to add more Oriental flavor to your fitness journey.

【Recipe】low-carb energy refreshing breakfast

The most enjoyable part of every day is to enter the important things of the day with the most positive attitude: work, school, socializing, etc. So a nutritious breakfast is especially important. In this article I will share with you a delicious breakfast that I often eat

【Recipe】Keto chicken Reduced-fat salad

People who are losing weight or trying to gain muscle may be looking for healthy eating ways to achieve their goals. In this article I’m going to share with you a super simple filling chicken salad, so give it a try!Keto diets can be an effective means of weight loss.

【Recipe】Halloween low-sugar pumpkin coco dessert

Pumpkin coconut dessert can be made a dozen at a time to share with friends and family during dinner or afternoon tea, even if it’s not Halloween. It is low in sugar, so people on a diet and diabetics can safely eat it. I hope you eat healthy!