【Recipe】Mexican avocado dip – healthy version

My philosophy is to eat good carbs and avoid added sugar. If I need a sweet taste, I will replace it with a sweeter fruit, which also provides vitamins.

【Recipe】 A simple breakfast packed with vitamins and energy

When it comes to breakfast ingredients, there are good carbohydrates, vitamins and good fats, which come from oatmeal, berries and nuts. These foods are healthy to eat separately as a snack, but they can also be combined into a beautiful super energy cup, bringing you a good mood and a new taste experience while you are trying to lose fat.

Abs and Vest Line – Core workout video for every morning

. In my own case, I get a vest line on top of regular exercise and a healthy diet, but I need intermittent fasting and more intense strength training to get abs. (Thanks to my years-long fitness routine and healthy eating habits, I have a permanent vest line for 365 days.)

2 types of Belly Breathing and the ways

Today we’re going to focus on belly breathing. belly breathing is defined as consciously letting the abdominal muscles contract and expand with the breat

9 tips to lose fat-it’s simple and you’d love it

Fat loss is so difficult, exercise seems to help, which link went wrong? Here are 9 tips to lose fat. If you do all of them, you will definitely lose weight. 01 / Stay away from sugar and starch Your diet must be free of foods rich in refined sugars and starches, which will not…

10 Chinese Foods That Are Perfect for a Fitness Meal

In Chinese culture, many foods can be taken as medicine to nourish the body and prevent disease. Similarly, in today’s article, I will list 10 natural foods that are unique to China and are high in nutrition. These foods can be added to your daily fitness plan as fitness meals to add more Oriental flavor to your fitness journey.

【Recipe】Pumpkin coconut low-sugar cake

Eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting out desserts, but cleverly making snacks with comforting sweetness from healthy foods. In this article, I’m going to use coconut flour (a great substitute for low-carb flour) and pumpkin as the main ingredients to create a low-carb, low-sugar coconut pumpkin cake。