Abs and Vest Line – Core workout video for every morning

What is vest line?

The vest line usually refers to the two upright muscle lines on either side of the navel. To be precise it is the junction of the rectus abdominis in the middle of the abdomen and the oblique on either side, plus a vertical line of the middle abdominal muscle itself.

What is abs?

Abs and vest line refer to the same muscle group. The abs are lumps divided by white tendons, usually six to eight, and some people have asymmetrical abs because the tendons are drawn in different places. The abs are more visible than the vest line, which is a promoted version of the waistcoat line.

Why is it important to have core stability – workout way in 7 mins

How to practice abs and vest line?

Abs and vest line are essentially the same thing, they just require different time and effort under the same constitution. Under normal circumstances, the vest line can be shown below 18% body fat, while the abs need to be below 12%. The way the results are achieved varies according to different people’s genes and systems. In my own case, I get a vest line on top of regular exercise and a healthy diet, but I need intermittent fasting and more intense strength training to get abs. (Thanks to my years-long fitness routine and healthy eating habits, I have a permanent vest line for 365 days.) Generally speaking, the physiological structure of boys and girls have certain differences. Boys generally have low body fat and are easier to develop abdominal muscles. Some women may not be able to practice abdominal muscles, and usually can only practice vest line.

Notes for girls to practice abdominal muscles

Because women’s body fat rate is generally higher than that of men, abdominal muscles are relatively difficult to train out. Generally, women’s body fat rate must reach less than 15% to appear abdominal muscles, and some women will appear amenorrhea after less than 17% due to their special physique. So for women, a vest line is great.

Abdominal body fat rate is the key

If the body fat percentage is relatively high, because the abdomen is covered by fat, even if the abdominal muscles are developed and the abdominal core is strong, there is no way to see the vest line.
Some people are born with more obvious abdominal muscles. Even if he has not practiced abdominal muscles, he can see the vest line and abdominal muscles at the same time because of his low body fat percentage.

Pay attention to muscle compensation when exercising abdominal muscles

When exercising the abdominal muscles, we must pay attention to the core muscle of the abdomen. If other parts break the compensation, it is easy to cause pain or injury, and the exercise of the abdominal muscles is not enough.

This is a friendly and efficient five minute abs workout that you can do every morning and every night before you go to bed. With a healthy diet, you’ll have a waistline


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