Why is it important to have core stability – workout way in 7 mins

The core muscle group plays a role in stabilizing the center of gravity and transmitting force. It is the main link of the overall force generation and plays a pivotal role in the activity and exertion of the upper and lower limbs. A strong core muscle group plays a stable and supportive role in body posture, motor skills and specific technical movements during sports. So if you have good posture, good control and balance, your core muscles are well trained.

❤ What is the core muscles?

The core muscles are the muscles that surround our trunk, including the abs, the hips, and the muscles that connect to our spine and pelvis. These core muscles help keep the body stable and upright when we move our hands and legs. Others call these muscles “energy sources.” Because the whole human body is arranged like a movement chain, and the core part connects the upper and lower parts of the human body, like a bridge. In the process of movement, the bridge supports the upper and lower body to generate force, and plays an important role in the stability and coordination of the human body. If there is a problem with this “bridge”, then it is likely to cause problems with the upper/lower body and even the whole motor chain.

❤ Two core muscles worth noting

Within the core, there are two muscles that require special attention. One of them is the transforus abdominis: the deepest muscle in the four-pack. Its muscle fibers are lateral, so when it contracts, it acts like a belt, squeezing the internal organs and supporting the back. A strong abdominis transverse muscle plays a very important role in preventing lumbar and back injuries and improving athletic performance. A good way to see where the deep abdominal muscles are, when you laugh, the lower abdomen contracts inward and vibrates in the transverse abdominis. Contracting the transversus abdominis muscle, you can imagine pushing the navel against the spine, pulling it in.

In addition to that, the pelvic floor muscles is very important. These muscles are attached to the base of the pelvis and are made up of interlaced layers of muscles. When tightened, these muscles increase pressure in the abdomen and help contract the transversal abdominis muscles, thus stabilizing the body. The feeling of tightening these muscles is like when you have to go to the bathroom, but you don’t want to go. You can imagine that the pelvic floor muscles are like an elevator, going up from the first floor to the second floor to the third floor, and then slowly descending one level to the first floor. By doing so, you can effectively practice tightening these muscles.

Now that you’ve read this, I believe you already have the idea of training your core. The following 7-minute exercise video will help you activate your core, improve core stability, and help you perform well in sports, look good in life, and grow stronger as you age!


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