2 types of Belly Breathing and the ways

The breath ways:

  • Thoracic breathing
  • Belly breathing
  • Mixed chest and abdomen breathing

Today we’re going to focus on belly breathing. belly breathing is defined as consciously letting the abdominal muscles contract and expand with the breath.

In simple terms, belly Breathing is to “breathe” with the abdomen. When you breathe, you can see the abdomen rises and falls significantly, the abdomen is concave when you exhale, and the abdomen is convex when you inhale.

The organ responsible for gas exchange is still the lungs, but belly breathing creates respiratory movement by moving the diaphragm up and down, which causes the diaphragm to move up and down more, increasing the volume of the chest and increasing metabolism.

There are two types of belly breathing

  • Smooth breathing
  • Inverse breathing

Smooth breathing is when the abdominal muscles expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. Inverse breathing is the opposite.

The specific way of breathing along the abdomen is to keep the lips closed gently when inhaling, touch the palate lightly with the tongue, and the abdomen is gradually filled up with inspiration, and the natural pause is a little bit (but do not hold your breath intentionally); Then open your lips slightly, lower your tongue, and as you exhale let your abdomen slowly pull back, then pause for a moment. Follow this motion and breathe again and again.

The method of inverse abdominal breathing method is, when inhaling, the mouth is gently closed, the tongue is gently against the palate, and the abdomen is slowly contracted with the inhalation, and the natural pause is a moment; Then open your mouth slightly, lower your tongue, and let your abdomen swell as you exhale.

This video will give you a professional explanation to help you quickly master proper belly breathing.


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