【Recipe】Halloween low-sugar pumpkin coco dessert

Halloween is coming. How do you celebrate it? Whether you’re spending it at home or out with friends, there’s always a sense of ritual — it’s essential food! My website is for people who want to lose fat or want to live a healthy life, so don’t be burdened during the holiday season, my low sugar healthy snacks can be made in large quantities and shared with friends and family!

The symbol of Halloween is pumpkin, so I’m going to use pumpkin as the raw material, with a lot of natural ingredients to make a low sugar healthy sweet, let’s start

The materials

  • pumpkin(300g)
  • Coconut water(100ml)
  • Cocoa powder(two spoons)
  • Coconut flour(two spoons)
  • honey(a spoon)
  • seeds-Flax seed/Odd flaxseed,etc(a spoon)

Production methods

  1. The pumpkin is boiled/steamed and mashed (steaming is better because it contains less water)
  2. Add coconut water, cocoa powder, coconut powder, honey
  3. Finely grind into a thin form with a juicer
  4. Pour into a dessert container and sprinkle with seeds
  5. Add cookies and embellishments (mint, berries, etc.)


Energy: 120kj
Fat: 2.7kj
Protein: 2.8kj
Carbs: 22.5kj

Funny video for knowing the process

Pumpkin coconut dessert can be made a dozen at a time to share with friends and family during dinner or afternoon tea, even if it’s not Halloween. It is low in sugar, so people on a diet and diabetics can safely eat it. I hope you eat healthy!


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