About me

My name is Jiaying Li. I started working out in 2015, and slowly fell in love with sports and a healthy lifestyle.

I once studied visual arts and was fascinated by the majestic figures and sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome. I was amazed that the muscles of a human body can reach an extremely developed state, and such beauty is like a marble sculpture by art furniture, which is passed on forever.

So in my philosophy, beauty is first of all natural and healthy, and secondly, we need to exercise our body like a sculptor’s skillful hand to make it reach the ultimate beauty. Because each person’s genes are different, his bones and muscles determine that each person has a different body shape, so it is necessary to carve out your unique and extreme beauty through a healthy lifestyle and exercise. The same goes for diet, you are what you eat. Make a variety of healthy food to make fitness life an artistic way of life.

Make yourself a work of art.


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