Sugar, collagen and aging


 In this article I’d like to discuss glycosylationcollagen, and the relationship between them — accelerated aging. In modern society, more women want to look young and beautiful, so I hope to stand on a professional point of view to talk about an unavoidable food in life: sugar, to help all beauty lovers achieve their health and beauty wishes. Read on, it will be very useful for you.

The most important feature of rejuvenation is a face full of collagen, which makes you look like a teenager, so let’s take a look at what collagen is. In young, healthy skin, there are two proteins, one is elastin, which acts as elasticity, usually starts to lose around the age of 20, the body can not synthesize; The other is collagen, which acts as a filler and usually starts to be lost around the age of 25, but is made more slowly as people age. It’s the second protein that women do everything they can to make up for.

An alcoholic beverage with a variety of colored granulated sugar

Sugar is a seductive food. It’s not just in the form of sugar, it’s always processed with other ingredients that we eat every day, like donuts, sweetened sodas, fruity yogurt, etc. – sugar is a silent part of our everyday life.

Sugar has many benefits, it is a source of energy for the human body, lack of sugar, we tend to feel tired, brain focus is not enough, also prone to low blood sugar, resulting in dizziness. In jungle times, primitive people were addicted to sugar.

However, in modern society, due to the developed food productivity, a wide range of food production, too much added sugar food is consumed, the global obesity population is increasing, the human body has been burdened with too much high sugar food. Due to excessive obesity and worrying health status, many people begin to pursue a healthy and organic life. Most women hope to gain a slim figure and youthful appearance by eating healthily.

Before I talk about anti-aging I want you to understand the relationship between excess sugar and aging

Glycosylation reactions, also known as Maillard reactions, come in two types:

1. Enzymatic glycation, which is beneficial to the body, refers to the combination of sugars and proteins under the action of enzymes to produce glycoproteins necessary for life activities. These glycoproteins play important immune roles, helping the body fight germs, clotting blood and repairing wounds.

2. Non-enzymatic glycation reaction: there are too many free sugar molecules in the blood with high concentration. The excess sugar molecules wander around in the body without the action of enzymes, directly binding with proteins, or even removing lipids and DNA to generate advanced glycation end products, referred to as AGEs- skin killers:

Fried croissant with granulated sugar and butter

1. The skin becomes yellow and loose. After the glycation reaction, oxidative pressure will increase, collagen will be lost, promote skin aging, become dark yellow, loose, lose elasticity, and wrinkles. This process is especially intense when absorbing ultraviolet rays, and once the skin is damaged, it will be difficult to repair and renew, which all accelerate the aging of the skin.

2. Wrinkles and spots form. Collagen in the dermis of glycated skin will cross-link with sugar molecules. Collagen with dense structure and transparent color will deform after glycation, and the color will become cloudy from the original transparent white. At the same time, tyrosinase will be activated to produce melanin when encountering sugar, and the intake of sugar is equal to providing materials for melanin.

3. It affects hormone levels. Glycosylation not only promotes the secretion of insulin, causes testosterone level to rise, forms more acne, can make the body to increase insulin growth factors, causes excessive oil secretion, pores are easy to block, causes inflammation, makes acne problem further aggravates.

4. Causes a variety of chronic degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

In addition to AGES in our diet, our bodies produce AGEs metabolically, but our immune mechanisms produce macrophages that eat AGEs. So these AGES can be metabolized by the body. But! If we eat too many foods and sugars containing AGEs, which are more than our bodies can handle, AGES will accumulate and the delicate collagen on our faces will be affected by glycosylation and cannot be restored.

Fried chicken coated with a large amount of starch and fried in oil that has been used several times
  • Be wary of fried foods, because these junk foods come with AGEs. So it’s not enough to just cut out sweets! And give up barbecues, fried chicken and cigarettes!!

I have the following suggestions for anti-sugar and anti-aging:

❤Anti-glycolation method one: cultivate a low-sugar diet.

Anti-glycation doesn’t mean cutting out sugar altogether. Instead, try to get your daily sugar needs from grains, tubers, roots, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Avoid high sugar foods. If you regularly consume high amounts of monosaccharides, including fructose, glucose, lactose, oligosaccharides, maltose, etc., after absorption, it will promote glycation and increase AGEs in the body. All high-sugar drinks, sweets, candies, and ice cream should be avoided.

In addition, eat more foods with low glycemic index (GI), such as barley, vegetables, beans, fruits and fish, etc. Low GI foods have a slower rate of glucose conversion and a relatively small increase in postprandial blood glucose, which can more effectively control blood glucose and prevent it from rising in a short time. Another benefit is that low-GI foods can make us feel fuller for longer, delaying the onset of hunger, which in turn helps us manage our weight.

❤Anti-saccharification method two: Change the way of cooking to avoid roasting frying barbecue.

Roasting, frying and grilling can produce a large number of toxic compounds, AGEs, the end products of glycation (the oily reddish-brown surface of braised meat and the reddish-brown surface of bread after baking at high temperature are typical manifestations of AGEs). Eating these fried foods accelerates the inflammatory response of the immune system, which, in addition to obesity, stimulates the growth of cancer cells and worsens autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Instead of cooking with steaming, it can reduce the risk of inflammation in the body, reduce the uptake of AGEs, accelerate wound healing, effectively prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and renal dysfunction, make blood glucose regular, and improve insulin sensitivity, which is the ability of insulin to reduce blood glucose. When insulin sensitivity decreases, the body needs to produce more insulin to lower blood sugar, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. High blood sugar can easily cause damage to our eyes, blood vessels, nerves, and immune systems, so maintaining a healthy insulin sensitivity is important and the secret to preventing fat accumulation.

❤Anti-saccharification method three: do a good job of sunscreen antioxidant.

Uv exposure increases oxidative stress, speeds up the glycation reaction, and makes more AGEs, which age the skin. Therefore, go out must first put on a protective sunscreen products, such as SPF30 or above and PA++ and so on. Use a thick amount and avoid direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays during the most intense hours (10am to 3pm). It is recommended to wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses, wear long-sleeved loose clothing, and open an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

Healthy natural ingredients to slow down the aging of the skin

❤Anti-glycation method four: eat more antioxidant food.

such as: blueberries, carrots, pumpkin, ginger, buckwheat noodles, etc can effectively remove free radicals and reactive oxygen molecules in the body, a healthy body even if attacked by free radicals, also has protein to repair the damage to the human body. However, if the body is unable to discharge free radicals, or eliminate the waste produced by oxidation, the damage will slowly accumulate, and gradually appear organ aging, skin aging, weakened immunity and other symptoms.

❤Anti-glycation method five: Do more exercise to build muscle.

Exercise can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce glycation. However, it is not advisable to eat foods high in sugar after exercise, which may cause the body to absorb more sugar. With the increase of age, muscle loss will gradually decrease the metabolic rate of the body, and blood sugar will rise easily. Aerobic exercise can help to consume more blood sugar energy and prevent blood sugar rise. Therefore, we should develop regular exercise habits, strengthen weight-bearing exercise training, build muscle mass, relieve pressure and promote metabolism.

With a balanced diet and regular sleep and rest, you will have a healthy body and youthful appearance.

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