what does plank train?

 PLANK is recognized as one of the most effective ways to train your core and arms. I’ve sorted out the benefits of planking in detail for you:

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Strengthen the core muscle group strength, improve the exercise ability. The plank focuses on the core muscles, including the transverses, obliques, rectus abdominis, and buttocks. By doing planks, you can strengthen your muscles and improve your performance.

Improve the body’s basal metabolic rate. Plank exercises burn more calories than other lumbar and abdominal exercises.

Improve balance ability. Stand on one foot with your eyes closed, perhaps for just a few seconds, before doing planks. Because your abdominal muscles aren’t strong enough to provide the balance you need. When you do planks for a while, your lower back and abdominal muscles strengthen, and your balance improves accordingly.

Reduce the risk of back and spine injuries. Doing planks can strengthen and strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles, reduce the pressure on the lower back, and improve spine stability.

Improve body posture. Plank is a great way to improve posture and stability. It keeps bones and joints aligned correctly, and improves overall muscle performance. Good posture will make you look healthier and more confident.

Super Plank, whether it’s your favorite or not, but I’m sure you want to have a strong core and beautiful arm lines, 10 minutes of plank variation with two breaks in between is enough to blast your arms and shoulders, and let you reinvent yourself! Let’s challenge together!

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    Super funny video for working out our core and arems!!!

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